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‘Drill My Hole’ can show you yet another hardcore episode of this exciting cock thumping fantasy by adult website MEN. The famous gay pornstars Rafael Alencar stars as the new stepdad with an eleven and a half inch cock, and Dimitri Kane stars as his new stepson who manages to take his thick hard length right up his tight young asshole.

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Rafael Alencar, the new stepdad in this hardcore movie has one of the biggest and best dicks in the industry. Eleven and a half inches of pure meat that any greedy bottom would love to have stretching his asshole. Rafael has been in thirty one hardcore movies with Men.com and has fucked some of the best asses in the industry. He is a versatile top, has black hair, is five feet eight inches tall and weighs 170 pounds. Visit his twitter account here

Dimitri Kane is a good looking young man with a great body with a load of tattoos. He loves extreme sports and extreme dicks so he’s going to fit in well with Rafael. This is his third flick for Men.com and his first one was back in June 2015 in ‘Swipe Part 1’ where he gets bent over and fucked by Will Braun, an exclusive model for Men.com. Dimitri is a versatile top with an eight inch cut cock; he has brown hair, brown eyes, is five feet eight inches and weighs 160 pounds. Sadly Dimitri is not with us anymore. Read here what happend

The action begins and the gay models are ready

This episode starts off with a naked Dimitri Kane lying naked on the bed jerking on his eight inch dick to a porn flick which he is playing on his laptop. He is enjoying the feeling of his warm hand gripping onto his thick cock and sliding it up and down. He can feel his full ball sack begin to tighten up when all of a sudden his new stepdad, Rafael Alencar, walks into his room without knocking.

Dimitri tells him off and quickly picks up a cushion to hide his obvious excitement. Rafael sees what he what he was doing and quickly tells him that his mother phoned to tell them both that she was going to be late as she was caught up with work at the office, then he leaves. For five seconds anyway, the site of his new stepson jerking on his cock gets him excited and brings him back into the room.

‘What the fuck?’ Dimitri says but then sees Rafael stroking on his eleven and a half inch dick right in front of his face and can’t help himself. Dimitri gets up and takes Rafael’s cock into his young mouth and starts sucking on his hard dick. Rafael closes the lap top and puts it to one side as Dimitri carries on giving his a great blowjob. Amazingly enough Dimitri manages to take all those inches deep down the back of his throat by lying down, his head bent backwards and Rafael sliding above him sliding his cock downwards into his cock sucking lips.

Rafael pulls Dimitri’s legs and ass up and darts his tongue in and out of his asshole, getting it lubed up and ready to be fucked. Dimitri carries on soaking Rafael’s cock with his spit until it is dripping with his saliva. Both men groan with pleasure as Rafael spreads Dimitri’s asshole wide open with his fingers and we see how pink he is inside.

Dimitri gets onto his hands and knees and feels Rafael’s cock slapping his asshole with his cock, teasing him the whole time. He moans out softly as Rafael eases his cock deep into him inch by inch, making sure he gets used to his giant cock that is spreading his hole as far as it can go without splitting.

Both men stars groan and moan out loud the more Rafael fucks Dimitri’s sweet tight asshole all over the bed and in all sorts of positions. Dimitri Kane can’t stop making noises as he strokes on his excited and cock, and with one final cry he cums over Rafael Alencar’s hard body while he is still grinding his cock into him. Rafael moves up his body, whips off his rubber and cums over Dimitri’s handsome young face with thick streams of his creamy white man-spunk.
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