Trophy gay men part 2 with Bennett Anthony and Christopher Daniels

The adult gay porn company MEN filmed some of the gay porn awards in L.A. and shared it with ‘Drill My hole’ for us all to see. Unlike a lot of hardcore men porn, this series is unscripted and naturally acted out by the models and actors, as things actually happened.

So we get their honest and open responses to each other as they meet; and we see what happens afterwards. This episode stars Bennett Anthony and Christopher Daniels.

The Gay Pornstars in this film

Bennett Anthony is an exclusive model for and is popular and much in demand all over the world in the gay porn industry. He has striking red hair with an amazing designer beard, and blue eyes. He is versatile and up for some cock, morning noon and night. He has a seven inch cut dick, and is five foot eight inches high, and weighs 185 pounds. He has a strong and powerful built body with plenty of colourful tattoos. He has been in fifteen hardcore flicks since starting in September 2014, and they include the popular series ‘Pretty Boy.’
Bennett Anthony
Christopher Daniels is a versatile bottom who likes nothing better than getting his sexy tight ass fucked by a thick hard cock. He has an eight inch cut dick and has blonde hair and blue eyes – a fantasy model for a lot of men from all over. He has a fit and lean body, is six foot one inches tall and weighs 195 pounds. He has been in twenty two flicks so far, including ‘Hotel Room Hook Up’, with Topher Di’maggio, which has been seen by over 42,000 of you horny men.

Now the gay porn action begins

Bennett Anthony showed up briefly in the first episode of this series, and he starts off in this one taking his dog for a walk along the sandy beach in L.A just after he has left Jarec Wentworth and Luke Adams alone together to have some fun.

He hasn’t gone far with dog Bruce, when he sees a good looking guy he thinks he recognises. He goes up to him and starts talking. He finds out that he is Christopher Daniels and he is there for the porn awards, just like Bennett. It turns out that both these men have had a bit of a crush on each other from their hardcore films, but have never as yet met. Bennett Anthony admits that as soon as their eyes met, there was electricity bouncing off them both, and he just knew they were going to get on well with each other. Christopher Daniels tells Bennett that he has a house close by and asks him if he wants to go to back to his house. Bennett jumps at the chance.

The next scene they are in Christopher’s house kissing each other passionately. They almost rip each other’s clothes off in their hurry to see their naked, hard bodies. Bennett sits down on the couch naked as Christopher lies down next to him and takes his already hard dick into his experienced mouth, making Bennett growl with excitement. Christopher moves up Bennett’s body and squats over his face. Bennett’s cock throbs as Bennett’s tongue darts in and out of Christopher’s tight asshole. They both moan as Christopher rubs his wet crack over Bennett’s bearded face, making sure he gets the most of Bennett’s probing tongue.

Christopher then gets onto his hands and knees and, after making sure his asshole is dripping wet with his saliva, Bennett stands up behind him and drives his condom-covered cock all the way into his slippery entrance and fucks him doggy style.
They fuck and suck in different positions until Christopher Daniels shoots his cum over his body, whilst Bennett Anthony is still drilling his ass, hard and fast. Bennett pulls his cock out and spurts his spunk over Christopher’s already dripping body.
They have enjoyed themselves so much that when they are at the awards later with each other, they announce to Luke Adams that they are a couple, and Bennett Anthony even calls Christopher his husband. Check out all the gay pornstars from here…

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Orgy with hot gay porn stars

The thing with this scene is that there are so many horny gay models in it, if I gave you all their names you might start getting confused with who is who and who is doing what to whom. There are six guys here, in Bump Part Three, which is the on-going series from We started off at Big Dicks At School for part one and were introduced to new porn star Owen Michaels.

Part two also took place in the college of cum but here in part three we move over to the other site, Jizz Orgy, mainly because this is an jizz orgy scene and that’s what that site specialises in. But, if you’re new to this site, don’t worry. When you go and join Jizz Orgy (and you should) you will also get to access Big Dicks At School, for the earlier parts of this series.

You’ll also get to access all the sites as when you join one you join all.

gay porno model
But where was I? Oh yes, ‘Bump’ (I am still not too sure what the title means!).

The series started off in the locker room and was a simple twosome with a third guy looking on as a voyeur. Part two saw the threesome come together and here in part three we start off with all six guys playing sports as two teams. After the game they hang out together in the rest area and it’s not long before the talk starts to get dirty. The teams get to know each other really well when the guys start to get out their dicks and watch each other’s. They also watch each other giving head as three of the guys take the lead and the show really starts.

Before long we’ve got one group with a guy sucking two cocks at once while over on the other side Tom Faulk is getting blown by Owen Michaels.

Then everyone gets involved and we have three pairs with one guy sucking and the other grunting and throwing his head back in pleasure. We move around the room, getting close to one pair at a time, always catching some horny moment up close, and then pulling back to see what else is going on.

Things move up a notch when one of the guys suggests that with six guys naked in one from there must be more to do than simply suck away.

And so the hardcore really starts up with one couple fucking over there on the sofa, while the other two carry on slurping on cock and jerking their own dicks. Later still we get all three couples fucking, there’s a spit-roast, there’s masses of toned smooth flesh slapping around and the sounds of six men getting off. You can just about smell the testosterone in the air.

But this is from Jizz Orgy remember, and that’s what we get. Right towards the end each guy unloads himself on to Colt River’s chest, giving him a cum bath that he, and you, are going to remember for a very long time.…